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What if the life you are currently living is not the life you wanted to live. What if this life that you are currently living has been sold to you by your parents, teachers, society, friends, the so called well-wishers, media and the movies? What if your heart wanted to live some other life but you decided to do exactly what others told you to do, partially because you thought they knew what is best for you and partially because you did not want to disappointment them.

But will this decision to live someone else’s version of good life going to give you all that you ever wanted in life when you were growing up – the fun, happiness, joy, wealth, great relationships, health and fulfilment?

I have been there. In fact for many years I was fulfilling someone else’s version of great life. I gave up playing tennis, focused solely on academics, did my engineering, got my MBA and started working in corporate world. I did exactly what I was told to do. I checked all the boxes and did all the things I was told I needed to do to prove my self-worth in this world. I was told using love, force and fear not to think out of the box and follow the standard path laid out for me. And I did until age 28 ,when I found myself without a job as I got fired despite working very hard and with all my sincerity. My bank balance was zero, in fact negative due to the credit card debt I owed, did not have a girl friend, my health was miserable due to excessive drinking and chain smoking, lacked confidence and I was clueless where my life was heading. I always felt I had a great potential but I failed all the time to connect to that inner greatness. This left me feeling miserable, disappointed and unhappy all the time.

But getting fired from my job was the best thing that ever happened to me. It proved to be a wake up call. I began to ask myself if I am at the right place, doing what I wanted to do in my life? As I kept looking for answer to that question, it became more and more clear that I had been making choices based on what looked good from outside but from within, those choices were choking me. At age 28, when I flashed back, I realised this was not the life I had envisioned for myself 10 years back when I left home for the first time to chase my dreams. I realised then that I had ended up at a completely wrong place.

But as my mentor Robin Sharma says, self-awareness is the starting point for making any kind of changes in your life. This self-awareness put me on a path to continuos self improvement. I realised that I have strong desires and big dreams but I did not have anybody around me to tell me HOW to achieve those dreams and make changes in my life. So I started looking for answers in books and online courses. I started finding great mentors that showed me how to tap into my creativity and inner potential. They showed me how to achieve massive goals in career, life and health. I ended up quitting smoking after a period of 10 years, my health improved, I successfully ran in a half-marathon, and my relationships have never been better.

I have been able to reduce drastically the negative stress that we all face daily and I get up each day fully motivated and feeling passionate.
Through this book, I intend to share all those secret strategies and tools that I learned from these world famous coaches, who have trained many successful people around the world.

I know for sure that if you apply the strategies I have outlined in this book, you will experience amazing transformation in your life, something that took me more than 10 years of pain. So go for it and start creating a life you want and stop compromising because the world is waiting for you to show up fully and shine.

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